Process of Data Destruction

In today's scenario when data leakage is big concern for the corporate clients and others. We at shabbir traders give special attention for prevention of data security. With several reported instances of sensitive information landing in the wrong hands through computers, hard disk and etc. that had been disposed/ scrapped by organizations, data-security/ data-leakage is a fear that many organizations face while considering an external agency for recycling its obsolete equipments.
Secure Data Destruction :
Shabbir traders e-waste Recycling provide secure data destruction for all types of IT storage devices to ensure the removal of data. Destruction of hard drives, media tapes and CDs / DVDs can be carried out in various methods, so Shabbir traders e-waste Recycling offer a range of data destruction services. It is vital to entrust your companies data with a secure service to ensure your data is 100% destroyed. Our secure data destruction services include the following:

Below are details of the various data destruction services available and the devices we destroy on a regular basis.
Hard Drive Destruction :

We at shabbir traders e-waste recyclers have especially designed 4-shaft shredder machine to shred 200 hard disk per hour. Our hard drive destruction service is tailor made to your specific requirements.

Hard drive destruction service involves secure collections using our security cleared staff, in our own vehicles. Once the device enters site, it is scanned into our system, the hard drive destroyed then a certificate of destruction is issued, detailing individual serial numbers.

Each hard drive is then recycled to recover the metal and plastics content. if you want we will provide you video recording of hard disk shredding.

Media Tape Destruction and Server Tape Destruction :
Media tape destruction must be performed on any redundant or faulty backup media tapes and server tapes. They provide the a good disaster recovery solution, by storing company data onto them, however disposing of them incorrectly is a disaster waiting to happen.

As with hard drives, media tapes are usually magnetic storage devices, so our technicians have the options of degaussing or shredding to perform the media tape destruction and server tape destruction.Once the media tape destruction or server tape destruction has taken place a destruction certificate is produced and the tapes are then granulated for plastic recycling.

DVD destruction and CD Destruction :

Shabbir traders e-waste Recycler method for both DVD destruction and CD destruction is to shred the CD or DVD. Our shredder enables the CD or DVD to be reduced down to 1mm chips, this ensures complete destruction of the information held on the device.
Upon completion of the CD shredding or DVD shredding we complete a destruction certificate and then the DVD or CD, case and paper are then recycled. This process enables us to have a 100% recycling rate on our CD shredding and DVD shredding service.