What We Do

Shabbir Traders Recycling Process :
At shabbir traders e-waste Recycling we guarantee secure, india based material level recycling.

Our process is simple and allows a fully auditable route for all equipment collected :
We collect redundant equipment from your office, factory or warehouse using our own fully trained, uniformed and security cleared staff. All paperwork provided details the collection and disposal points as well as company information such as our waste certificate.
All equipment is segregated and sorted within our recycling facility in our factory All hazardous waste such as fridges and freezers, fluorescent lighting CRT monitors and etc.are then egregated from non hazardous equipment - Fridges and freezers are degassed and all ozone depleting substances are removed.
CRT monitors are recycled using sciencetific technology which removes the front panel glass from the curved funnel glass by the cutting system.all plastics and metals are further recycled.
All non hazardous equipment such as IT equipment and telecoms equipment is recycled using an automated our recycling plant to recover the raw, reusable materials.