Company Profile

Shabbir Traders e- waste recycler was founded by  Mr. Shakil Chaudhary   in the year 2010.He   has deep knowledge in electronic field(IT). Since last 15 years Mr.Shakil Chaudhary has given his services in IT field . He has observed  that all  electronic  components are very useful when we use but after end of life proper take care and its management is very necessary.

If we throw e-waste  as a scrap material it will produce toxin and dangerous to human health as well to our environment. To keep in mind  MR.Shakil Chaudhary  started Shabbir Traders e-waste recycler unit. Our facility is equipped with machineries like CRT Cutting Machine, Hard Disk Shredding Machine, 4-shaft shredder with the capacity of 3,000 kgs per hour,Plastic Crusher, Magnetic separator , vaccume cleaner,and Dust Collector Machine as well as other infrastructure to handle E-waste.

We are  authorized by  Central  Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB). M/s shabbir traders  e -waste recycler  is for collection,storage,transport and recycle of e- waste in scientific manner from anywhere in india. Shabbir traders e- waste recycler is committed towards its social responsibilities to protect environment and save the earth from dangerous effect of e- waste.